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Call of the Piper: A Pioneer Romance

by LaJoyce Martin
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ISBN: 9780757739491
Page Count: 138
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This book is about forgiveness. Said a great pioneer lady: 'Forgiveness saves the expense of anger, the cost of hatred, the waste of spirits.' Betrayed by the man she loved, Kara Dover is bitter. Didn't she save his life, taking the blast of the explosion herself-and bearing the scars? And in his cowardice, didn't he go away and marry someone else? Locked in her own dark prison, Kara shuts herself away from the outside world. Then comes the piper into her life, and he suggests that she will never be free of the chains that bind her spirit until she forgives. Nevertheless, as a hostess to the idea of forgiving, Kara serves it only bitterness. 'I cannot forgive! I won't even try!' she cries. Can the piper lead her to the light?

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