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Beauty Or the Beast

by Ruth Harvey
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Seventy percent of the human sensory receptors in the entire body are contained within the eyes thus validating the old adage: 'Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.' From the moment of birth, beauty or the lack thereof becomes a measuring rod whereby we judge one another. Haven't we all exclaimed excitedly over a beautiful baby? Conversely, our response is somewhat less exuberant if the infant in question fails to meet our criteria for comeliness. Thus from day one of our existence, this value system is subliminally programmed into our psyche. Beauty begets approval and accomplishment while homeliness generates rejection and ridicule. This faulty evaluation method can become the seedbed whereby many deadly ideas are implanted into young, impressionable minds. Is there any one who has not suffered from the jeering censure and taunting sneers of others? Many times these experiences may have extremely destructive, even deathly consequences. Join Ruth Rieder for a journey of discovery as we seek for God's beauty ideal.