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Backsliding: The Bitter Bite of Beelzebub

by Shirley Buxton
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This eagerly awaited book is born out of a deep passion for the plight of those who have strayed from God. With loving words, Shirley Buxton points to God's eagerness to receive the prodigal. Drawing from the account of her son, Michael, who strayed for more than 25 years, she shows the way to full restoration.

Shirley Buxton recognizes this 21st century society as being degenerate, and that satan is fiercely attacking both young people and mature adults. From a sound scriptural basis coupled with intelligent pragmatism she urges the believer toward a way devoid of backsliding.

This book is for you.

- You who wail in the night for your lost loved one.
- You who have strayed, but are ready to return home.
- You who want to secure your place in Christ, avoiding the terror of backsliding.