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Adah Rejected, Betrayed, Healed!

by Dionna Dibble
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I call her Adah. She’s the nameless woman from Scripture who met Jesus at the well, and hers is a story that details the pain of rejection and the deep scars of betrayal, as well as the miraculous healing and deliverance from the hopelessness of a life tortured with bitterness. Adah found freedom, and you can too!

If you’ve ever been betrayed, hurt, or rejected when you didn’t deserve it, this book is a must read!

You will be enthralled as you follow beautiful Adah from innocence through tragic betrayals, rejection, and heartache. You will weep with her as her dreams are dashed again and again against rocks of disappointment until her faith in God and in people is almost gone. You will sympathize with her anger and bitterness, and you will be compelled to read on until she finally meets the one man who can really help change her life.

Dionna Dibble writes a fascinating story that addresses life in both practical and spiritual areas. She presents solutions that can change anyone’s life. Finally, she offers a biblical plan that is workable for all who have suffered and lost hope and need to experience forgiveness and freedom.