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A Balanced & Effective Prayer Life

by James A. Twentier
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The purpose of this book is to describe prayer in its three basic components to do the following:

—Help children and new Christians more to easily learn how to pray using their own words. —Help others struggling with prayer to develop a more effective prayer life. —Provide a resource for teaching the simple basics of prayer.

Some of the topics discussed in this book include the following:

I. A balanced and effective prayer life
1. Three basic parts of prayer
1.1 Relationship prayer (upward focus)
1.2 Transformation prayer (inward focus)
1.3 Dominion prayer (outward focus)
2. Praying in the spirit and praying with the understanding
II. Focused prayer
1. Prayer agendas
2. Prayer teams
3. Burdens—the driving force for fervent and effective prayer
III. The vital importance of prayer
1. Prayer tunes our spiritual ear to hear and understand God's voice
2. God works through man to perform his will on earth
3. When the answer to prayer is no or wait
3.1 The implications of God's foreknowledge
3.2 Why prayers are denied or delayed
4. Prayer—the last frontier of a mature Christian