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86 Classic Volumes on Church History - (PDF on DVD)

by Don C. Modarelli
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Imagine walking into a very old library in an American University in 1909 where scholarship was exciting, archaeology was revealing and everyone still had a great vocabulary. Imagine walking slowly past the Church History section - and then taking it all home on DVD!
Some of these amazing titles include forgotten legends as...
• Ecclesiastical History - Eusebius • The Rise of the Medieval Church • The History of the Popes Vol 1-3 • Christianity and History - Harnack • A Dictionary of Christian Biography • A Dictionary of Ecclesiastical Terms • History of the First Council of Nicea • The History of the Knights Templars • A Manual of Church History Vol 1&2 • A Dictionary of English Church History • History of the Christian Church - Fisher • The Early Days of Christianity - Vol 1&2 • The Early Persecutions of the Christians • Primitive Christianity and its Corruptions • The History of Christianity 1875 Vol 1&2 • Church History to the Time of Constantine • Dictionary of the Apostolic Church Vol 1&2 • The Canons of the First Four General Councils • History of the Christian Church, Schaff Vol 1&2 • The Military Religious Orders of the Middle Ages • The Nature and Origin of the Doctrine of the Trinity • Christian Before the Time of Constantine Vol 1&2 • Christian History in its Three Great Periods Vol 1-3 • Ecclesiastical Historians of the First Six Centuries Vol 1-6 • The Ethnic Trinities and their Relations to the Christian Trinity • The Sentiments of Philo Concerning the Logos or Word of God • Dictionary of Sects and Heresies • Dark Scenes of History Vol 1&2 • Theological Dictionary Vol 1&2 • Philo and the New Testament • A History of the Inquisition • The History of Romanism • The Origin of the Trinity • Church History Vol 1-3 • The Reformation • The Dark Ages
... and many more!!!