Books by David K. Bernard

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Pentecostal Theology Series
Vol. 1: The Oneness of God*
Vol. 2: The New Birth*
Vol. 3: In Search of Holiness (with Loretta Bernard)*
Vol. 4: Practical Holiness
A Study Guide for The Oneness of God
A Study Guide for The New Birth
A Study Guide for In Search of Holiness
A Study Guide for Practical Holiness
(Each volume can be purchased in hardback with Study Guide included)

Biblical Theology (Other)
A Handbook of Basic Doctrines*
Doctrines of the Bible (ed. with J. L. Hall)
In the Name of Jesus
Justification and the Holy Spirit
On Being Pentecostal (with Robin Johnston)
The Oneness View of Jesus Christ
Spiritual Gifts*
God’s Infallible Word
Pursuing Holiness
Understanding God’s Word

Practical Theology
The Apostolic Life
Growing a Church
The Pentecostal Minister (ed. with J. L. Hall)

Essential Doctrines of the Bible*
Essentials of Oneness Theology
Essentials of the New Birth*
Essentials of Holiness
Understanding the Articles of Faith
Bible Doctrines and Study Guide

Church History
A History of Christian Doctrine, Vol. 1: The Post-Apostolic Age to the Middle Ages
A History of Christian Doctrine, Vol. 2: The Reformation to the Holiness Movement
A History of Christian Doctrine, Vol. 3: The Twentieth Century
Oneness and Trinity, AD 100-300
The Trinitarian Controversy in the Fourth Century

The Message of Colossians and Philemon
The Message of Romans

Oneness vs. Trinity Debate
Doctrine Forum: Oneness and Trinitarian Views
On Being Pentecostal Audiobook
Spiritual Gifts Audiobook

Oneness vs. Trinity Debate
The One True God (2 lessons)
The Life of Holiness (3 lessons)
Exploring God’s Word (12 lessons)
The End Time (8 lessons)
Spiritual Gifts Small Group Resource with Study Guide (6 lessons)
Pursuing Holiness Small Group Resource with Facilitator's Guide (6 lessons)

Pentecostal Digital Library, Vol. 1: Complete Works by David K. Bernard
Preaching the Apostolic Faith
Teaching the Apostolic Faith
Pentecostal Pulpit Series, Vol. 3: David K. Bernard (with audiovisual CD)
An Introduction to Apostolic Pentecostal Theology (4 books)


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