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Product Description

Effective evangelism and disciple-making always involve planting a seed in someone’s life. A most effective approach has been through teaching a Home Bible Study. Since many of my recent Home Bible Studies have not happened in a “home,” I’ve adopted my friend Wayne Wyatt’s term. He calls such a “Personal Bible Study.” Personal Bible Studies are taught in Starbucks, Village Inn restaurants, an office, or even at home. They work!

The Struggle

As a young pastor, I struggled to effectively teach Home Bible Studies. They did not seem to work. I’m sure the failing was in me. It was a challenge to not get “stuck” while we covered Judges – Malachi in one fell swoop. At times, my students would lose interest. Whatever, the reason it did not work for me. Those who teach Exploring God’s Word effectively have my honor. Larry Clark, Murrel Cornwell, and the late Jack Yonts won thousands of people using this technique.

Since being ineffective is not something I’m willing to accept, I began experimenting with other approaches. I tried two-day Bible Studies and several one lesson Bible studies. It still wasn’t working well. I’d taught the Vidalia Revival Center a topical series titled What the Bible Says . . .. Someone mentioned how they wished I could teach that material to one of their unsaved friends. My response was, “Why not?” I taught the person a lesson and it worked like nothing else I’d tried.

Eventually, others mentioned their own struggle to effectively teach Home Bible Studies. Several pastors asked for my teacher notes and student handouts. I gave the material away and recently have been doing the same. Over twenty years ago, we published What the Bible Says . . .. It seemed to fill a need. For the past 15 years, What the Bible Says . . . has been out of print. In early March, it will again be available.

What the Bible Says . . .

Here is what is included in What the Bible Says . . . : teacher notes with detailed instructions, student handouts for each lesson and a “review” page for a student to use as a review.

The seven topics addressed are:

The Word of God
The Holy Ghost
Speaking in Tongues
The Nature of God

Each lesson takes about 45 minutes.


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