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Toddler Resource Packet Spring 2021

by Word Aflame Toddler
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Colorful Bible art pictures, facemasks, stickers, memory work posters, and theme décor items are just a few of the items typically included in the Toddler Resource Packet. Children can participate in the lesson by holding the visual props, passing pictures from one to another, wearing the masks, and thereby increasing their opportunity to learn. Your toddlers (ages 2-3) will love the vibrant stickers for their attendance charts, activity papers, or just to wear. The décor pieces will help the teacher’s time schedule, and theme art will help those who are more creativity challenged.

Order one resource packet per class. Included on the resource packet instruction sheet is an access code that allows you to download free extra digital resources. These include any items that need reproduced for handouts, such as coloring sheets or sticker art.