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TDP Youth Starter Kit Fall 2020

by The Discipleship Project
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Items in this Kit:

TDP Youth Personal Discipleship Guide Fall 2020

by: The Discipleship Project
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TDP Youth Leader Guide Fall 2020

by: The Discipleship Project
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The Discipleship Project is an exciting new whole-church curriculum that brings together all ages of a congregation to study a single topic each week of the quarter with intentional emphasis on integrating the home and the church. The youth starter kit includes all of the tools needed for teachers and student ministry workers to lead ages twelve through eighteen in this dynamic church-wide curriculum, which include:

Youth Leader’s Guide
A great lesson comes to life when a teacher feels confident and equipped. Designed intentionally for easy at-a-glance navigation, this one-hundred-page Leader’s Guide provides everything a teacher needs to direct a class through each lesson. The split-column design allows the teacher to easily move between middle school and high school activities to pick the most age-appropriate material for the class. Discussion questions and boxed instructions to the teacher provide helpful guides to facilitate an engaging class.

Youth Personal Discipleship Guide
Changes in our hearts usually involve personal reflection and meaningful engagement. The Personal Discipleship Guide is strategically created to prompt deep student introspection and interaction. The Guide features four pages for each lesson that include reflection questions and journaling prompts to help students track their spiritual growth over the quarter. By incorporating this tool in your class, students will be able to end the quarter with a personal book they’ve created over the course of three months, documenting the spiritual growth in their lives.

Downloadable Resources
The Youth Starter Kit includes access to digital resources to supplement and enhance the learning experience that include trailer videos to introduce each series, training videos, PowerPoint files, and digital copies of the Leader’s Guide.

To streamline the ordering process, the following materials for teaching students are packaged in this starter kit:

  • 10 Personal Discipleship Guides
  • 1 Youth Leader’s Guide
  • Access to downloadable digital resources (PowerPoint, trailer videos, training videos, digital copies of the Leader’s Guide)

(Additional Leader’s Guides and Personal Discipleship Guides may be ordered after purchasing a Starter Kit.)

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Receive a 20% discount on bundles of five or more Activity Papers or bundles of ten or more of Adult or Youth Personal Discipleship Guides when you purchase them in addition to your starter kit.

Youth Personal Discipleship Guide (28613) when you order 10.