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Oneness of God Books

Christian faith is interpreted many ways, and understanding the Oneness of God is essential to building a strong Bible-based understanding of the identity of God. Our Oneness books and other products can help explain this biblical truth more clearly, providing the reader with the building blocks of Oneness theology one chapter at a time. These resources provide answers to objections and explanations of difficult passages of Scripture in a systematic and detailed manner to bring to light God’s revelation of Himself to us.
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The Oneness doctrine is shared through authors’ treatment of the Oneness of God in a simple, yet profound, and scholarly manner. We encourage you to explore the different products available from Pentecostal Publishing House as you search for descriptions of historical doctrine in the early Christian writings after the Bible and before the Council of Nicea. You’ll gain a fresh understanding of the Oneness of God as you uncover historical evidence for Oneness doctrine, as well as when and how the historical doctrine of the trinity developed. 

Take advantage of over thirty Oneness Pentecostal resources and Oneness books that can bring clarity to the top of the Oneness doctrine. It is through this discovery, when coupled with time in prayer, that the reader will also gain an understanding of the Oneness Pentecostal church and its beginnings as well. Reverend David Bernard, United Pentecostal Church International Superintendent, has made a vital contribution to the wider academic community that, in the words of noted scholar Amos Yong, “will have reverberations not only for the next generation of theologians but also for anyone interested in the Christologies of the earliest followers of Jesus the Messiah.” 

We invite you to gain illumination of the Oneness doctrine by using available products and deepen your understanding of the Oneness of God through study of these products.