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The Balance

by Shaun Eller
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In today's society we are all pulled in many directions. Smart phones, news, social media, and the demands of work, family, and church call for our attention. Something has to give. This book is a summary of life experiences aimed to help us find the balance in it all. God empowers us with the power 'to become,' to develop into what He has called us to be - fishers of men, and children of the King. Yet in the midst of this empowerment, many distractions continuously irritate our every move.How do we live a healthy life in such an insistent society? When should we pray for healing, and when should we put the effort into living a healthy lifestyle? With so many people taking antidepressants and struggling with fear, anxiety, and self-image issues, how does the Christian address these and live through the pressure? How can I continue to live a productive life as I struggle with these 'thorns' that constantly haunt me? These are some of the subjects addressed in this book. We are pulled in many directions, but we need a strong core in all areas of our lives to keep from falling. Fear God, and avoid the extremes of life. There we find balance.This Balance includes chapters on The Balanced Life, Divine Healing, Natural Healing, Healthy Living, Thorns, Mental Illness, Wealth and the Balance, Spiritual Occupations, To Become and Wrapping it Up.The author draws on personal experience, knowledge gleaned from a lifelong reading habit and the Word of God to address ways to live a more balanced and productive life. God is a healer and has healed in the past and still heals today. Yet we need to understand that living a healthy life often leads to natural healing that is built into this body that God created. Thorns are a part of life and Paul had a thorn that haunted him throughout his life. The great Apostle had a thorn. God gave him grace to deal with that thorn. How do we deal with thorns and live in a way that God can work on us so we can become what he has called us to become. The Balance will help you find that balance in you desire in your life.