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Word2U | 2023 Devoted BQ 100 Day Plan (Individual License)

by Jonathan George
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This is an individual license of this Word2U study guide. This license entitles the purchaser to one digital copy. If you need a product that can be shared with other team members, please consider purchasing the church and team license.

The Word2U study guide for Intermediate and Experienced Senior Bible Quizzing blends the elements of Bible devotionals with an easy-to-follow study structure to help the quizzer learn the year’s selected material. The 2023 material covers a selection of Paul’s epistles. These include the general epistles to the Ephesians and Colossians, as well as personal letters to Philemon, Timothy, and Titus.

The study program helps the quizzer go beyond memorization to dig deeper into the meaning of the verses they’re learning and know how to apply what they’re studying to their own walk with God. For example, with these letters from Paul, we are provided a fuller understanding of the interconnectedness we have to Jesus Christ and to one another, both in the church and in our personal relationships.

This study guide includes 100 study modules (or 100-days of Memorization) for the Intermediate quizzer with a 25-day extension for the Experienced quizzer. The book and chapter introductions help set the context for what the quizzer is about to learn in the modules that follow. Finally, the guide includes a section devoted to effective study tips in the areas of memorization, review, and study planning.

Special Delivery! You have some important letters from the apostle to the Gentiles that demand your attention.

The guide was created by Jonathan George through a partnership with Youth Ministries and the Pentecostal Publishing House.