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Worth the Wait

Ribbons (12 per pack)

PPH Stock #: 24583 Youth Division

Worth the Wait, the abstinence-based moral purity curriculum produced by the General Youth Division. Accompanying blue commitment ribbon. The front of the ribbon reads, "This ribbon is a reminder of my commitment to God. I pledge myself to a life of moral purity. Saving sex for marriage is morally right, biblically based and 'Worth the Wait.'" On the back is a card for the youth to fill out, detach, and put in a wallet that reads, "In completing this card, I commit myself to moral purity and saving sex for marriage," followed by a place for name, age, address, and church. Ribbons are sold in packs of 12.

Purchase the Worth the Wait book here: http://pentecostalpublishing.com/node/6835

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