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Soldiers, Equipped, Acquiring, Lost, Souls

PPH Stock #: 22932 Dianne Ellis

This book has been written in a attempt to help those that are not familiar with spiritual warfare to get a glimpse of what it is all about. I confess that I do not have all the answers nor have I met anyone that does. Each day that we are in this battle we learn more. We learn from the battles we have fought as well as from the battles which were not as successful as we would have liked.
I used the military strategies for fighting in the natural and applied it to fighting spiritual battles. Every soldier gets weary when in continuous battle. Some have been gravely wounded and to those, I hope and pray this book will inspire you to pick up your sword and get back into the battle. We need you. For those of you that have never gotten into the battle, I hope this book will give you some instructions on how to get involved in spiritual warfare.
Keep your Sword handy and be ready to fight! I pray this book will be a blessing to you as you read and that God will use some portion of it to inspire you to get into the battle of the last day.

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