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The Prudence Awakening

Believing in God is one thing. Submitting to Him is another.

PPH Stock #: 24477 Darin Bowler

Without the grace of God no one would be saved. If it weren't for the shed blood of Christ there would be no hope for our souls. But the death of Jesus Christ upon the cross does not mean that the whole world automatically became saved. Nor does it mean that we are safely and eternally exempt from heeding the explicit counsels and instructions of God. Today there are many books written centered on the subject of grace. But sadly, many of them offer a very limited, off-balanced and only partial presentation of what the Word of God actually says. In other words: They leave a lot out! This book brilliantly and skillfully expounds upon a vastly imperative truth that has been miserably overlooked for so long, that it has now become a strenuous "battle" to replace it back into the hearts and minds of "believers" today. This book conclusively unveils what the Word of God actually says about the essential and soul-saving role that obedience truly plays in our relationship with God. The divine directives so aptly disclosed in this book will certainly secure and enrich your soul above all earthly measure.

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Format: Paperback
Number of Pages:200
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