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Murrell Ewing The Complete Collection


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The Good Times (1975)
Cleft In The Rock • The Good Times • It’ll Be Different • New House • The Potter’s Field • That’s How He Found Me • Those Were The Days • Contrast • Write It All Down • It’s A Long Way To Heaven

A Portrait Of Love (1978)
Love’s Picture • If You Had Known Me • I Found It • Love Is Blind • It’s Enough To Know • Just Because • I Still Love You • What’s That I Hear • Even Losers Win Sometimes • More Than A Friend

Once Again, For The Good Times (1980)
Long Ago Medley • Crimson Stream • No. 268 • You’ll Never Walk Alone • There’s A Light (At The End Of Darkness) • The Wrong Side Of Me • Thank God For The Blood • The Cry Of A Soldier’s Heart • Coming Home

Your Ride’s On The Way (1982)
I Held The World In My Hands • Your Ride’s On The Way • How Do I Look Leaving • Take Me For What I Am • Then I Can Say I Love • I’ve Got My Chance At Heaven • I’ve Take So Much For Granted • Song Of The Lost Sheep

Moments (1986)
Jesus, You’re Everything To Me • I Saw It All Through A Tear • You’re Gonna Make It • Beyond The Sounds Of Battle • What’s That I Hear • I’m Gonna Shout It • Friends • This Time • Hold Me • Things Will Be Better

Expressions (1990)
Shine On Thru Me • Look For Me • I’ll Always Believe In You • I Never Walked Out On You • The Bear And I • The Pawn Shop • He Calls It Grace • Hallelujah, Amen • I Pray That Jesus Is All They Can See

It’s Alright (1994)
Where Did The Wind Go? • His Song • He Saw Me • Old, Old Story • Don’t Let Me Take Advantage • I Must Be Home Now • It’s Just As Good As Done • Now I Know • Whatever You Do It’s Alright • Hold Me Close Lord

In The Chapel (1997)
What A Friend • The Wonderful Salvation • Beyond The Sunset • It’s Different Now • ‘Tis So Sweet • It Is No Secret • No Never Alone • When I Cross The Last River • When The Pearly Gates Unfold

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Format: CD
Dimensions:5.5" x 1" x 7.5"



Fair collection, but this man's work deserved a better treatment. The entire set comes in a DVD type case with all CDs in a flip magazine type unit. The CDs themselves look rather generic, with just white and black printing.

I have listened to this man's music for quite some time. I have all his albums, including his latter works on CD. I have the rest on cassette and a handful on LP. The sound quality on this set of the early albums is barely better than the MP3s I made from the original cassettes, which makes me think that's how the set was mastered: from original LPs or cassettes. It lacks the sound quality of a truly remastered set. Which is disappointing, the production value on all the original albums is unsurpassed. If the original master tapes were lost to time, it's quite a disappointment.

That said, I highly recommend this set for those of you who never heard his early works or have a hard time tracking down the cassettes or LPs. It's about the man, his music, and his ministry. That said, I was really hoping for a true CD box set that included all the CDs in their own digipack cases, much like the recently remastered for CD releases of the first seven Maranatha Praise albums. Now that's how you do a reissue.

I wish they had recreated the LP artwork, front and back covers, for these CD reissues, even if they couldn't get the original tape masters. I was really looking forward to seeing each classic album in it's own case. The packaging was the major disappointment. If they had given me a chance, I would have done the graphics for the CDs for free! Oh, well, it is what it is now.

Instead we get a rather generic looking package with small thumbnails of the original album covers on the back cover.

Rev. Ewing's legacy deserved a little better, but don't let that detract you from purchasing this fantastic music. The music is five stars, the packaging is one star, for a total of a three star review.

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