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Christian Soldiers Workshop

Soul Winner's Boot Camp Training Student Edition

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This series of lessons will explain our mission by understanding the Lord's Commission. In this workshop we will explore our objective of making disciples for Christ. We will explain how to implement each step. Finally, we will define our plan of action by comparing our nation's armed forces triumvirate conduct of warfare through strategy, tactics and logistics.
The purpose of this study is to prepare us to reap the great harvest of souls in this End time. We must be ready to tell others of the Good News of the Gospel. Soldiers are always ready, always willing, and always able to fight. We shall "fight the good fight of faith, [and] lay hold on eternal life" just as Paul told Timothy, in that we are called, to join in this mission (1 Tim 6:12).
You can be a soldier of the Cross, win your family, your friends and your neighbors to Jesus. The life of a soul winner is a rewarding life. The best reward however, soon to be revealed, is when we march through the Pearly Gates of Heaven with others following behind.

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Christian Soldiers Workshop
Soul Winner's Boot Camp Training
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