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Apostolic Study Bible

Standard Edition

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The Standard Edition of the Apostolic Study Bible features a genuine leather cover and all the features found below.

• Study notes written exclusively by Oneness Pentecostal scholars
• Special emphasis given to passages of Scripture that are important to the Apostolic message
• Book introductions and outlines that call attention to key Apostolic insights as well as theme, authorship, date, and other significant information.
• Feature articles on Pentecostal distinctives of holiness, the new birth, living in covenant, miracles, and more by scholars such as David K. Bernard, Daniel Segraves, and David Norris
• 8 pages of maps
• New Word Aflame Press Concordance created with emphasis on key words significant to Oneness Pentecostals

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Format: Leather
Publisher:Word Aflame Press
Dimensions:9" x 2" x 7"

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Awesome Bible I would like to see it in red letter and maybe two ribbons but I love the notes and leather is really nice


Love this Bible! Only had it a few days and its just amazing! Thank you, for those who helped put this great Bible together!


A wonderful addition to the Thompson Chain reference bible. I use both to study its like having a full study bible and the sweetness of Apostolic flavor. My home bible study students will be able to receive an indepth lesson on the Oneness, spiritual gifts, and Baptism of the Holy ghost.
If I was ask what more this bible need-it would be the "chain reference".

Thank you,


The wait is over!! I received my first study bible at 17 and always wanted a study bible with Apostolic inserts. For those wondering if you should purchase this, absolutely. Some folks want red letting in their bibles, so take note that there is no red lettering. If you can get past that factor and focus on all the wonderful things you gain from this study bible, you will see that it's worth it.

When I opened the bible I could tell instantly that countless hours were given in producing this bible.
Thank you & God Bless all the men and women of God that worked tirelessly on this.


Initial disappointment is that the words of Jesus are not in red. Is there a plan for a red-letter edition?

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