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Apostolic Study Bible

Standard Edition

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The Standard Edition of the Apostolic Study Bible features a genuine leather cover and all the features found below.

• Study notes written exclusively by Oneness Pentecostal scholars
• Special emphasis given to passages of Scripture that are important to the Apostolic message
• Book introductions and outlines that call attention to key Apostolic insights as well as theme, authorship, date, and other significant information.
• Feature articles on Pentecostal distinctives of holiness, the new birth, living in covenant, miracles, and more by scholars such as David K. Bernard, Daniel Segraves, and David Norris
• 8 pages of maps
• New Word Aflame Press Concordance created with emphasis on key words significant to Oneness Pentecostals

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5 stars! A few weeks in Bible school and this study Bible has been more helpful than any other textbook I have.


Awesome Bible I would like to see it in red letter and maybe two ribbons but I love the notes and leather is really nice


Love this Bible! Only had it a few days and its just amazing! Thank you, for those who helped put this great Bible together!


A wonderful addition to the Thompson Chain reference bible. I use both to study its like having a full study bible and the sweetness of Apostolic flavor. My home bible study students will be able to receive an indepth lesson on the Oneness, spiritual gifts, and Baptism of the Holy ghost.
If I was ask what more this bible need-it would be the "chain reference".

Thank you,


I’ve been waiting for the Apostolic Study Bible for many years. I wanted to like it. I hoped it had strong commentary on the godhead, salvation, and holiness verses. I thought for those topics it would give us strong apologetic arguments. My concern was whose prophecy stance they would follow and what they would say about Church history. I thought that would be the things I wouldn’t like. To my surprise, those two issues aren’t the problem.

There are only 12 articles. The Godhead is covered in one article by David Bernard titled The Oneness of God. This one and the one on salvation are good, but I would like to have each point covered more thoroughly in their own articles. The Life in the Spirit Study Bible should have been used as a model.

Most of the commentary is weak at best. The Gospels are very weak, and even watered down, when it comes to commentary on the Godhead. I expected a lot of good arguments and proofs in the gospel of John, but what is there isn’t even that helpful to a beginner. Acts is pretty good on salvation. The Epistles are hit or miss. Hebrews is one of the better books. Philippians isn’t bad.

There are way too many missed opportunities as many verses are completely ignored. For example, 2 Corinthians 13:14, Hebrews 12:14, 1 John 3:1-5, Galatians 5:22-23, and many others are ignored completely.

Some notes miss the point of the text completely. For example Ex. 2:3 says that Moses’ mother obeyed Pharaoh’s command to put her son into the Nile (Ex. 1:22). WHAT?? It is clear from the text that she didn’t do this out of obedience to Pharaoh.

Matthew 28:19 should have mentioned Granville Sharp’s Rule. Acts 2:38 should have included Daniel Segraves’ articles on grammar.

Genesis 18:2 makes a passing mention that the three men were Jehovah and two angels. The note spends more time talking about hospitality than it does the Godhead. This note should have covered Trinitarian and Tritheistic arguments.

Since the concordance is focused on Oneness it should have included Holy One of Israel.

There is also some commentary that is wrong. For example, 1 Peter 3:3 basically says that if you can’t wear gold then you can’t wear clothing. In John 14:23, Jesus didn’t pray as a God-man to God. Even Trinitarians would agree with that. That would be two God’s. Jesus prayed to God as a man. Isaiah 6:3 says “Many Christians have associated the words holy, holy, holy with the Trinity”. I don’t think it’s appropriate to refer to those that believe false doctrine as ‘Christians’ as this gives the wrong impression to new converts.

Another example is the Reed Sea in the map of Exodus. This one bothers me. Skeptics use this argument and there is no need to follow suit. Most study Bibles with maps show several possible routes for the exodus. This one only shows one. I realize the exact route is up for debate, but the Bible says Red Sea and I’m sticking with that.

The note for Philippians 2:9 says that God limited his power and knowledge when he became a human being. God was still omniscient.

As far as construction- the leather is thin and the binding is glued. I hope I’m wrong, but I don’t believe it would last. This is not the kind of construction I expect from a Bible in the 100 dollar range. The paper and print are awesome. This is about the best paper I’ve seen in a study Bible. It’s very opaque. The print quality is consistent and the font is large and semi-bold. My ribbon has already come apart.

What I wanted:
• More articles
• Stronger commentary on doctrinal issues
• Charts and maps within the text
• Topical index of Oneness Pentecostal topics and verses
• References

This is the first study I’ve ever seen that did not have cross or chain references. There are many Bibles (aside from their false doctrine) that could have served as an example of how to make a good study Bible. The Holman editions are awesome. The ESV Study Bible is a good one with lots of articles. The Life in the Spirit Study Bible (also known as Full Life Study Bible and Fire Bible) has more Pentecostal articles, notes, charts, and features than the Apostolic Study Bible.

I would not take this Bible to a debate or to witness to others. The Bibles with the 32-page insert are better for that. I wouldn’t use much for sermon-prep or for classroom. In my opinion, you’re better off spending your money on one of the Bibles with the insert and then spend the rest of your money on books by David Bernard, Daniel Segraves, etc. It’s better than nothing, but there’s not enough in it to be my ‘one-Bible’. I’ll have to write my own notes on the blank pages at the end of each book (I do like those blank pages). I really wanted to like this Bible. This can be a great Bible for Oneness apologetics, witnessing, and personal growth, but it needs a lot more in it. I’m hoping these features will be included in the next edition.


It has a nice layout, very thick opaque paper, and a large print. It looks like the Schuyler Quentel but with blue chapter numbers and dividing line instead of red. It could not look better in my opinion. It only has 12 articles but they are well-written. Some of the commentary could be better. It doesn’t have cross references but the notes do contain good references. Each book starts on a new page, so there is some room to write your own notes for most of the books. I will be adding a lot of notes. My ribbon is too short so I’m replacing it with four ribbons- each a different color (just like the Schuyler Westminster).


The wait is over!! I received my first study bible at 17 and always wanted a study bible with Apostolic inserts. For those wondering if you should purchase this, absolutely. Some folks want red letting in their bibles, so take note that there is no red lettering. If you can get past that factor and focus on all the wonderful things you gain from this study bible, you will see that it's worth it.

When I opened the bible I could tell instantly that countless hours were given in producing this bible.
Thank you & God Bless all the men and women of God that worked tirelessly on this.


Initial disappointment is that the words of Jesus are not in red. Is there a plan for a red-letter edition?


I love my new Apostolic Study Bible. I would have given it TEN stars but I just want the good folks at PPH to know that if they ever get a red letter edition I will be ordering another one!! I like the way it is laid out. The study helps are noted with scriptural reference that is fact based and not just thoughts in a lot of instances. I haven't had it but since Sunday, but what I have seen so far; I like it a LOT! The reason I didn't let the red letter, or lack of, hinder me from purchasing this Bible, Number 1 is I have been longing for a Study Bible with references and insights from TRUE BELIEVERS for a very long time. Because trust me, I grew up in church. I didn't understand a lot of our teachings. So I strayed. But I still read the Bible. The Word of God must be received with revelation which invokes a love relationship between you and God. And once God revealed His Word to me, everything I learned from a kid made sense and I had a renewed love for the Truth. I could finally understand why and why not. ONE LORD, ONE FAITH, and ONE BAPTISM! Secondly:If they do come out with a red letter edition (good Lord willing, He tarries and I live and am able) I will purchase the new one and I already have a neighbor in mind that could really use the one I have now. Sorry to be so long winded. So excited about Revival in these last days!! Again, thank you to all who were involved and thank you PPH for making this dream a reality! God bless you all!


The Church I pastor purchased this for me as a gift for Father's Day. I have had it for 3 days now. It is amazing. I love it. The print is just right. The notes are great. Every Apostolic Minister should have one of these in their library. I hope an electronic version comes available soon for the iPad. Thank you to all those who worked on this project.


I would not mind the Apostolic Bible; however, I would like to see a chain reference within its pages which has helped me so much. For now, I will hold on to my KJV Bible until an update comes out (hopefully). I do not mind not having the red lettering; because, the Word is the Word whether in black or red ink; however, I understand why some might want the red-letter edition, so why not make it available. The Oneness insight is awesome, but I can explain it through my Bible; in addition, I do not want to keep two Bibles to complete my study due to the lack of chain references. Please, please, update Bible with chain references/topic and if able, add the red lettering, it would make a great gift for those who are not from the Oneness doctrine and lastly, I would be able to replace my KJV Bible with a true Apostolic Study Bible.


Absolutely love it. All my family in Church want one and am purchasing one for my mother for her birthday! Fantastic Study Bible!

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