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12 Minute Prayer Challenge

Developing & Maintaining a Consistent Prayer Life

PPH Stock #: 24093 Anita Sargeant

The "12 Minute Prayer Challenge" challenges us to develop and maintain a consistent prayer life. Taking time for at least 12 minutes of focused prayer each day has been scientifically proven to improve healthy brain activity.

This book includes 6 testimonies from those whose lives have been changed by accepting the challenge. It also includes Prayer House Prayer Guides based on the Lord's Prayer to offer assistance and give daily prayer a fresh look. If we dress the inner man regularly, much as we do the outer man, we will know Him and will be mighty through God doing exploits for His Kingdom.

Helpful for anyone who wishes to enrich their prayer life. Especially helpful for new converts and young people.

"Most refreshing to read from the pen that has been dipped into the ink of life and then read the wisdom and power of a life lived in His Footsteps!"
~Rev. Lee Stoneking

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This is an inspirational book as well as having a great guide for learning or teaching to pray. Sis. Anita makes it interesting to cover different subjects in prayer. And the testimonials are inspiring.


This is a great book on prayer.It has helped me very much.12 Minutes is the beginning.After learning the concepts.One then finds prayer to be a delight.

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