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Bible Study in a Bag

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An exciting easy-to-use youth Bible study that simplifies God's love and plan.

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Bible Study in a Bag
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This is a pretty good tool if you want to teach someone about being Born Again. Its really thorough and depending on the person, doesn't require too much background talk while going through it, if the person you're teaching knows a little about the Bible. I went through this with someone who didn't know a thing about the Bible though, so I had to give a lot of background talk. Filling in the blanks and the true and false questions really helps commit it to memory. Takes over an hour to go through, at least it did for me. The only thing it didn't really touch on is the Gospel. It didn't really touch on the life, death, burial, and ressurection of Jesus Christ. Fortunately for me I gave the person a short Bible study on the Gospel the week before we went through this so it was ok.

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