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Toddler - Teacher's Manual - Fall

Ages 2-3

PPH Stock #: 9427 Toddler - Fall

What can two- and three-year-olds learn? Lots. Word Aflame curriculum realizes that the minds of little ones are fertile fields for receiving truth. The seed of God's Word is planted by colorful visuals, exciting lessons, and fun-filled activities. The material corresponds to the motor skills and attention span of the children. The teaching tips help the teacher sow the seed in the most productive way. Special helps are provided for teachers who have infants in their class. Let Word Aflame's Toddler curriculum help you plant seeds that will grow for a lifetime.

In addition to the Toddler Teacher's Manual, WAP recommends one Toddler Student book per student, as well as one Toddler Resource Packet per class.

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Format: Paperback
Publisher:Word Aflame Publications
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