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The Diary Dilemma

An Ariel Hartman Mystery

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Ariel Hartman, the seventh-grade super sleuth, is drawn into a mystery that dates back nearly 250 years. A rare diary written by a soldier of the American Revolution is stolen from the Summerville Museum, and Ariel's classmate may have witnessed the crime. The diary contains a page autographed by George Washington that is believed to be the motive for the theft. Ariel must learn the origin of the diary to understand its true worth. More than a children's "whodunit", the major points of Galatians are woven into the plot. At the end, the reader plays detective in search of the similarities between the story and the epistle.

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An Ariel Hartman Mystery
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The Diary Dilemma features characters that kids and young teens will identify with solving a mystery with plenty of twists and turns. The book is filled with enough suspense and daring-do to keep anyone turning pages while still remaining age-appropriate for even the youngest of readers. The Diary Dilemma's connections with the book of Galatians add a subtle layer of spiritual meaning to the novel. I'm looking forward to reading Peabody Manor! Nicely done!

Nathan Maki

- Author of the 'War Within' series

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