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Leading From the Second Chair

PPH Stock #: 18179 Mike Bonem & Roger Patterson

Is there anything more demanding than providing leadership while still deferring to the top leader? This book enables second (and third and fourth) chair leaders to become more productive, proactive, and fulfilled by being deep in experience but wide in perspective. The authors define a second chair leader, examine three key paradoxes (Subordinate-Leader, Deep-Wide, Contentment-Dreaming), and profile today's successful second chairs. "Every time you try to define a line according to your ego needs, you run the risk of conflict." "To be an effective second chair leader, you must be attuned to the constantly changing organizational currents that inevitably affect you and your role." Shannon D. Stanley, Assistant Pastor to Pastor Jerry Dean of Bossier City, LA

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Format: Hardcover
Number of Pages:196
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