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Five Fold Ministry and Spiritual Insight

PPH Stock #: 17212 Lee Stoneking

This book brings the reader to an understanding of the apostolic church and its structure from the beginning. Apostles and prophets are specifically targeted along with their manifested position in the church. In order to facilitate the end time revival in our day, it is essential to understand the fundamental truths herein.

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I just finished this book and I am so blessed.
Bro. Stoneking has hit the nail on the head regarding the five fold ministry. What a wondrous and glorious church we could be if we follow what Bro. Stoneking has presented! We would be a radiant bride for Christ and able to be the light of the world as we were meant to be before Christ returns. God help us to get a a hold of this and soar like an eagle above the storm and bring Jesus to the world in power and in might for your name sake. After all, we are the people of His name...JESUS! I think every person in the UPCI should read this book no matter their station. God is good!!!!

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