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Authors - Drive Sales of Your Book with Advertising with Pentecostal Publishing House!

Congratulations on your new project! We are happy that you have submitted it to us and that it will now be included in our inventory at Pentecostal Publishing House. While we will do our best to promote and market your product, there are some things you can do to make it stand out from the thousands of other products we carry.

First, tell all your friends, relatives, co-workers and acquaintances that they can purchase your product at

Second, enter a marketing partnership with us to feature your product on our website and print catalog. has three prominent advertising spaces available to our authors.

Rotating Banner Ad
This ad is 757 x 235 pixels and appears on the homepage for 3 seconds before rotating to the next ad. There are approximately 10 ads in the rotation, so yours will appear twice each minute. Price: $50 per week.

Featured Products Carousel
This space contains direct links to our featured products. There are 15 product placements available. Customers can scroll through the carousel by clicking the forward or backward arrows.
Price: $10 per week.

Fixed Spot Ad
This ad is 246 x 247 pixels and is fixed in place permanently. Your ad appears to every visitor to the homepage. Price: $35 per week.

Additionally, we invite you to purchase advertising space in our quarterly catalog that is direct-mailed to over 30,000 homes. Pricing: $600 for full page, $300 for half page, $800 for back cover half page.

Also available is featured advertising space in our weekly email newsletter. Pricing: $50

These advertising spaces are available to you immediately. If you would like to take advantage of these excellent marketing opportunities, call or email me. I’ll be happy to get your ad on the website today!

Thank you,

Abraham LaVoi
Director of Product Development and Marketing
Pentecostal Publishing House
314-837-7304 ext. 448

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